"Tourist Trap"; 12 min. 2014.

City Bird’s “The Nest Song”

City Bird: “Always Love”

Young Hunting: “Sweet Bird”

New Maximum Donkey: “Anybody Alive”

City Bird: “The Tide”

Young Hunting: “Maze”

New Maximum Donkey: “Please Don’t Leave Me”

City Bird: “Stay Together Now”

Young Hunting: “Rust”

New Maximum Donkey: “Cherry”


Tourist Trap, “The Nest Song” Music Video: Writer/Director: Alana Purcell; Cinematographer/Producer: Keith Woolf; Executive Producer: Vincent Jefferds

Melted Mixtapes Sessions: Above credits, plus: Director of Photography: Alexander Dobbs; Live Venue Lighting Design: Paige Luke; Editor: Marcus Niehaus; Live Sound: Nick Mancini, Afton Hefley; Camera Operator: Marta Weiss; Color Timer: Mike McAlister; Additional Camera: Kiarash Reghabi; Graphics: Dylan Hay-Chapman; Special Thanks: Sandra Grass; Location: Syrup Loft.

Melted Mixtapes, 2014.

Everything but the ferrichrome.

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